FX-PR3L Software Download

Version 14.0

Your download will begin after second/s, but if not click here.

Upgrade Procedure

  1. Connect the device to PC/Laptop via USB cable.
  2. Login to Web UI via http://www.smartbrosettings.net

  3. Go to Router Menu > Software Upgrade.
    • Click Browse button, locate your downloaded software.
    • Click Upgrade button.

  4. After uprgade, the device will reboot automatically.
  5. After successful upgrade, it is recommended to restore your device to factory defaults. This will ensure that the firmware installation is completed correctly.

Restoring to Factory Defaults Procedure

  1. Connect via Wi-Fi and login to Web UI. Please refer to Upgrade Procedure > Step 2.
  2. Go to Router Menu > Configuration Management.
    • Click Restore Factory Settings button.